– May 08th, 2019 –

At the industrial plants it is common to find a variety of structures, equipment and machines. Each one has its finality and, in general, the personal is familiarized with the ones they are responsible for. By mandatory schedule, these assets need to accomplish its maintenance preventive program, after all, they have finite lifespans.

When dealing with casualties, technicians and engineers not always have access to a clear model or definition of the problems they’re meant to fix. This is due to the complexity of the assets, not only the difficulties in accessing the many parts and corners of an asset, but also the difficulties in stating where the problem is exactly, eg, what parts it affects, how it fits in the structure, what other consequences it causes, etc. This is in many cases, a time demanding issue.

Having on screen a light realistic model, free to be moved, zoomed and rotated, where all the anomalies identified from the inspections are plotted, described and categorized according to their severity, would be of great benefit when deciding what steps to take in order to repair everything. Now, if this 3d model was always updated at every new inspection done, according to it’s everchanging conditions, the new requirements, be it repair, substitution of parts, painting, etc, would be described and ready for implementation in a second, thus many hours and money would be saved, because no new scheme, plant or detailing would be required.

Together with this solution, are the advanced A.I. recognition of anomalies and timeline monitoring of everything that asset has been through, permitting an overview of the manutentions, together with the tendency the structure has to the occurring of certain issues. This provides our clients with all the tools necessary to control and track their equipment, machines and structures, in order to keep their plant always working, updating and generating profit.

All this is possible because of our unmatching xd4solutions team of engineers, technicians, pilots and architects, always working hard to keep our services in absolute excellence, using cutting-edge technology. Also, our partnership with the British Sky-Futures, who provides us with the best tool post-processing capabilities of market, the software named “Expanse”, an online platform containing all tools the client needs to have their plants accessible everywhere and anytime they need