Confined spaces are places that were not designed for human occupation and that present an extreme risk to life. In general, companies need to carry out inspections on their assets to keep them ready for operation and to maintain the quality of the process. Often, for this to be done, inspectors must enter these risky spaces and still perform welding work, work at height, scaffolding and other risky activities.

Xd4solutions performs visual inspections of these assets using professional drones, which record all points of interest chosen by the customer. Our team of engineers evaluates whether there is a need to perform any internal maintenance and, if any, informs the exact location to perform the intervention, reducing the time and cost of the service.

Our innovative drone captures high quality images in totally dark environments and in hard to reach places, obtaining clear records and thermal images of the interior of the structures, in a way never seen before.


In order to better demonstrate our quality and professionalism, we provide a case study of an internal inspection in a Void Tank of a FPSO vessel.

drone elios

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Professional drones for visual inspection of interior and confined spaces, designed by our Swiss partner Flyability, of which xd4solutions is an official reseller in Brazil.