Inspection using traditional methods could take weeks to complete the entire scope and would require several people.



A Void Tank is a confined space of extreme risk. There is no ventilation and low oxygen level inside the caves. With the inspection carried out by drones, it is not necessary to prepare the environment for the entry of people.


Embarking a worker on a platform comes at a high cost. With our solution, it takes a few days and only two employees to perform the activity.


Inspection in Void Tank of a FPSO

Customer Needs

The company needed to conduct an inspection on a Void tank, similar to a Ballast tank on a FPSO. The “L” shaped tank is composed of several caves between the ship’s hull and the storage tanks and is approximately 30 meters high, 30 meters wide and 60 meters long. The objective was to identify possible anomalies, mainly in the deepest region of the tank.
Safety and accuracy were fundamental.


Xd4solutions, in just two days, fulfilled the entire scope of inspection using the Elios 2 drone.
That was the first operation in a Void tank without the need to enter the inspection site.

XD4SOLUTIONS operators carried out the entire inspection positioned in a safe place outside the ship’s tanks.
The client followed all the images in real time while the drone was controlled for more than 200 m between the metallic structures of the tank beyond the line of sight (BVLOS).


With the inspection completed, the images obtained by the drone were loaded into a highly reliable three-dimensional model. The anomalies detected were cataloged and analyzed by XD4SOLUTIONS engineers.
The customer now has a complete, easy and intuitive view of the inspected site.

Precision, quality, economy and safety.