With the inspection methodology used, it was not necessary to deactivate the sector’s production line for the records to be acquired.


The pipes usually pass in high and inaccessible places, which implies a serious risk of accidents at work, when the traditional inspection methodology is used.


Savings generated by dispensing with the hiring of cranes, scaffolding, rappelling, among others, to perform the external inspection service.

Thermographic Inspection of Gas Transfer Ducts

Customer Needs

The gas transfer ducts between the recovery boilers and their respective thermostatic precipitators are surrounded by thermal coatings. The purpose of the inspection was to find false air inlets that can mix with the gases and cause loss of efficiency of the precipitator and corrosion in the walls and components of the electrostatic chambers.

Inspection in industrial environments, whether outdoors or in confined areas, requires a lot of care, as they are places with equipment accumulation and which are not always accessible.


We opted for the use of two types of thermographic inspection drones, one for the external region and another for the internal. It took three working days to complete the scope of the inspection without the need to deactivate the sectors for the service.

The ducts covered a distance of approximately 800 meters. The cameras embedded in the drones performed the thermographic records of the ducts completely, identifying different temperatures in some points of the pipeline and the transfer of gases.


All the results obtained were analyzed and cataloged in a schematic 2D model, and indicate the position of the faults in the thermal coating of the pipes.

This data greatly facilitates maintenance, as the team that will correct such failures can focus only on the critical points detected by the remote inspection.

In summary: The use of professional drones reduced downtime for inspection and maintenance, reduced the exposure of workers to the risks of accidents, in addition to reducing the use of scaffolding, cranes and rappelling for all assets.