– March 20th, 2019 –

ARCELORMITTAL is the world’s leading steel and mining company. Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel, it is the leading supplier of quality steel products in all major markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. ARCELORMITTAL is present in 60 countries and has an industrial footprint in 18 countries.

We are proud to say that at this date, the XD4SOLUTIONS has completed one full day of internal inspection at ARCELORMITTAL industrial plant located in the City of Serra, ES – BRAZIL.


Our XD4 Inspection Team was requested to inspect inside a silo at blast furnaces area. To accomplish this mission, our Team has used the drone ELIOS, designed by our Swiss partner Flyability.

ARCELORMITTAL has been chosen the use of ELIOS technology for this specific inspections, due the concern about “Safety”, “Reduction of Asset’s Shutdown Time” which,  consequently, more “Money Savings” and “Data Quality”.


The mission was performed at the day, adjusted at the schedule of the power plant shutdown. After briefly rechecked all the risk assessment, already confirmed by both XD4 and ArcelorMittal, represented by the plant technical team,  we started the flights. 

At the end, we had performed 09 flights over 06 hours long and, between flights, we had to check and confirmed the POIs (Points of Interest) reached, that were supposed to be inspected, regarding the scope.

The rest of  flight mission was focused on the inspection of the sections, so that, we could flying directly in contact with the inspected structure to bring more details to the Engineering report.

Our Team operators accomplished the mission with no person entering in a confined space, just collecting a great amount of Full HD and thermal images, through the robot ELIOS. 


As a result, It could provide sufficient visual proofs for the ArcelorMittal engineers, as weel as for the xd4 Inspection Team, in order to make them able to write the Engineering report at the day after.

The plant was operational for the next day, saving more than 12h of downtime over a standard traditional manned inspection.

Also, with the data generated from ELIOS, that was plotted with 3D modeling Technical Report, integrated with the software Expanse, designed by our British partner Sky-Futures, we were able to provide to our client, by Cloud, the better management of its asset, from that time on.

Changing the way of performing  inspections, the xd4solutions, beyond the line of sight, using the best technology ever for confined inspections areas, replacing manned intervention at a fraction of the cost, is confident to pronounce some of important savings: