Eldorado Brasil


Eldorado Brasil is the biggest and most modern pulp mill in the world.

Its mill and plantation areas are located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, and it has the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of pulp a year.

We are proud to say that XD4SOLUTIONS has completed 6.5 consecutive days of confined areas inspection, with the use of drones ELIOS 1 and ELIOS 2, designed by our Swiss partner Flyability.


XD4 Team was requested to inspect the interior of a Recovery Boiler, 4 Refractory Towers and 2 Fiber Processing Tanks. This mission took 6.5 days (total time of inspection) to accomplish, during the shutdown. Our Team has used the drone ELIOS 2 and ELIOS 1 as redundancy.

ELDORADO BRASIL has chosen XD4 and the use of ELIOS technology for this specific series of inspections, due our safety standards, reduction of the shutdown time required and data quality, which imply on money savings.


At each day, after rechecking the Risk Assessment, already confirmed by both XD4 Team and ELDORADO, represented by the plant technical team, the flights were started.

Every scope began with recognition flights, assuring operational safety for the team, the equipment, and the assets, mitigating every possible risk.

After each flight, the team checked and confirmed the POIs (Points of Interest) reached, that were supposed to be inspected, regarding the scope. The Inspection Plan was redesigned according to the availability of each asset, to optimize operation time, maintaining quality and safety. Our Operators and Inspector Engineer accomplished the mission with no person entering in a confined space and collecting a great amount of Full HD and thermal images.


Seven Technical Reports, containing Full HD 4K and thermal Images, as well as descriptions, locations, and recommendations, respective to each asset were created and provided to the client, after processing of the inspection data.

All images and videos of interest were treated and shared with the reports. The plant was operational the following day, after the mission ended, saving countless periods of inactivity when compared to a traditional manned inspection.

By changing the way inspections are carried out, xd4solutions, using the best technology for confined spaces inspection and replacing manned intervention with a fraction of the cost, is confident to declare some important savings: