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– June 12th, 2019 –

Elios 2 was designed with five key features, which include a special design for indoor spaces, intuitive to fly, built for success, data quality and lastly data processing.

1) A special design for indoor spaces

         There are several patented technologies embedded in ELIOS 2 Drone, such as collision-resilient and shockproof payload, specifically for indoor inspections.

        As for the collision-resilient feature, in case of a shock, the protection mechanism, aka the protective cage, made from carbon fiber with a gimbal system, will ensure there will no damage done to the payload.

       You may wonder how that works exactly. Here’s how, the payload is mounted on a contactable structure, meaning that in case of a frontal collision, it will absorb the energy of the impact and protect the drone’s components and ensure its integrity.

 In addition, we strongly believe that humans should not be sent to confined spaces since they are the most dangerous ones out of all the workplace hazards due to the lack of oxygen and various hazardous gases.

          We always prioritize safety above everything else, and since Elios 2 has an outstanding accessibility into confined spaces and by having this feature, there is absolutely no need for manual inspections in dangerous places like manholes, silos, sub cellars, etc.

This will ensure safety for the company’s workers and the inspection operators, as well as eliminating unfortunate incidents.

  With the diameter of the cage being less than 40 cm (<15.7 inches), the Elios Drone has an unlimited accessibility in confined spaces, and it can also be squeezed through even tighter and harder-to-access environments.

Furthermore, industrial indoor or confined spaces are normally full of dust, therefore Flyability Elios 2 is equipped with dustproof lighting featuring the indirect light, which serves to avoid dust reflection on the camera and capture clearer footages.

2) Intuitive to fly

        One of the unique features about indoor inspections compared to outdoors’s is the absence of GPS signals. This is, in fact, a major factor that helps keep the UAVs stable during the inspections.

    Operators may encounter many obstacles while conducting inspections of confined spaces due to the absence of lights and challenging indoor set-ups. In order to tackle these challenges, Elios 2 is equipped with 7 vision positioning sensors, allowing the drone to stand still in the air and providing stability during close-up data capture.

       Furthermore, Elios 2 features a High-Definition Live Streaming to provide a higher sense of situational awareness and increase the accuracy of real-time inspections.

     Another improvement compared to the Elios 1 is the “distance lock” feature. As the name suggests, this feature allows the drone to be locked at a certain distance from the object being inspected. This design allows the inspector to follow an entire object—for instance, an entire weld on the side of a tank—looking for any degradation that may have occurred since the last inspection.

3) Built for success

      Besides saving costs associated with the inspections by reducing shutdown time from 12 hours to 8 to 10 minutes, the maintenance process of the Elios drones is also easy and non-costly.

Not only does XD4SOLUTIONS sell the Elios drones, we also provide professional training services, guided by a team of experienced helicopter pilots, in order to ensure the UAV pilots, feel comfortable and confident from the start of the inspections.

This helps make the pilots feel like they were in contact with the site, touching, seeing the anomalies in person and assessing the assets with their own hands.

4) Data Quality

     In recent years, big data analytics are a huge part of the rise of the 4.0 technologies. Asset managers want to get all the data they can and providing high data quality is, without doubts, one of the most important features of inspection drones.

   Elios 2 brings to the table many amazing features, such as obstruction free, close-up inspection, 4K & thermal cameras, as well as dustproof and oblique lightings.


Our camera is equipped with special sensors that can perform well in a low light environment, as well as capturing 4K footages and 12MP pictures. Elios 2 also features a built-in thermal camera that can detect changes in temperature at any given time, which is extremely helpful to detect leaks, human presence or hidden defects that are beyond human visible.

In addition, both 4K and thermal cameras are mounted and supported on a 180 tiltable camera pod, which gives the operators a better and unobstructed view.

     Besides the two highly equipped cameras, the Elios 2 also has the ability to produce 3D models after capturing all the footages and anomalies during the inspection. These models are extremely important and useful for asset managers since they provide easy visualization, along with detailed technical report, which support the company in the planning process and decision-making, as well as maintenance.

   5) Data Processing

   Operators can use cockpit software to document their data as they are carrying out the inspection. Once the inspection is over, they can connect the drone directly to a computer using a 3.0 USB port and transfer all the data captured to Inspector, another software where they can take a closer look at the inspected assets and create detailed and thorough reports.



a.     General Comparison

Elios 2 surpasses Elios 1 in terms of ease of use and data quality, as well as less training needed and reduced shutdown time. However, the two drones provide the same optimal cost and safety for the operators throughout the inspection.

By having the Elios 2’s payload placed on the cage and its excellent collision-resilient system, the situational awareness and image quality has been improved significantly. In addition, Elios 2’s battery has been proven to increase its flight time by 15%.

b. Technical Comparison

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