– December 6th, 2018 –

Marca Ambiental is a pioneer company and the largest of Espírito Santo in waste solutions. Since 1995, it has been a reference in innovation, technology, quality and respect for the environment.

Located in Cariacica, Marca Ambiental acts in integrated waste management for various sectors, as urban, industrial and health.

We are proud to say that at this date, the XD4SOLUTIONS has completed one day of indoor inspection and made a volumetric extraction of a crushed stone pile.

Our XD4 Team of two operators, had two missions to be accomplished: procedure a internal inspection of a metallic ceiling and make a volumetric extraction of a crushed stone pile.

For the first mission, our operators have used drone ELIOS, developed by our Swiss partner Flyability. With the use of  ELIOS technology we were able to see every part over metallic trusses, and capture data that the client did not have access before due to inabilty to send people inside the metallic cover.

The second mission, our operators have used drone Falcon 8 to fly around a crushed stone pile and capture images to extract the volume of that pile. With only one flight we generated enough data to make a volumetric extraction.

It took only three hours to finish both missions and it was not necessary to exposure any people to the hazard area. The client was very convinced to the gained time, and specially, increased of safety.