– December 28th, 2018 –

Launched on August 2014, Shopping Vila Velha, managed by BRMalls  is the largest mall in a State of Espírito Santo.

BRMALLS is the largest shopping mall company in Latin America, with a portfolio of 39 malls. Currently, BRMALLS has a total gross leasable area of 1,445.5 thousand m² and an owned gross leasable area of 876.9 thousand m², with an average ownership interest in the malls of 60.7%. Our 15 biggest shopping centers contribute with more than 70% of our NOI.

Located at the City of the same given name, Vila Velha, this mall has an area of 140 thousands square meters. 
We are proud to say that at this date, the XD4SOLUTIONS has completed one full day of internal and external inspection.

Our XD4 Team of two operators was responsible to accomplish two different missions. The first one was to fly inside the mall to inspect the glass skylight ceiling and, the second, to fly the outside area to inspect ceiling integrity conditions. Our specialized team operated the drone ELIOS, to inspect internally, and the drone Falcon 8 to external task, after getting the regarded SARPAS authorization by DECEA.

It tooks less than three hours to get  the both missions accomplished and,  generating detailed and accurate data. In addition, the Shopping Vila Velha did not have to interdict the mall to perform the internal inspection, because the inspections was done early at that day, which brought significantly increase of workers safety, productivity, as well as lower downtime and costs of the asset to be inspected. At the end, the Mall did not interrupt the stores to keep its doors opened and selling at the hot market season of December.