– April 26th, 2019 –

When we talk about visual inspection of assets, we soon think in a report full of complex pages, technical words and images, with a rather difficult visualization for interpretation. With that in mind, xd4solutions identified the main difficulties of industries and created a differentiated, innovative and highly updated solution with the latest in the technological segment.

Meet our End-to-End Solution. Our focus is not only to offer an inspection and to point out the discrepancies, but to continuously manage the inspected asset, seeking to identify trends that were previously not possible to visualize (or at least, it was not that simple), and thus provide a complete  solution for correction and even to prevent  or avoid further anomalies.

Know the step-by-step of our solution:

First: We inspect the asset, capturing 4K and thermographic datas, using professional and developed drones for confined and external environments. It means that, 100% of your asset will be inspected, with no leaving important information out from the asset.

Second: We perform the raw data post-processing, from the captured images, which we’ve already analyzed, then, we identify and classify the anomalies, according to its severity and type, following the IBAPE (Instituto Brasileiro de Perícias) standards, then, finally, we organize the information in a technical PDF report with all the identified anomalies from the inspected asset.

Third: We create the 3D model of the asset, then plot the model in an online platform with embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence), connect each photo with the correspondent video of that anomaly, eg (a,b,c,d,…..) identified at its exact geographic position in the asset, making that an easy general final project visualization, as well as the anomalies position.

Last step: We follow the whole process of anomaly scan, through periodic predictive inspections, in order to collect temporal information of the asset, seeking to identify the trends of the appearance of such anomalies or not, and, in some cases, the resurgence even after a maintenance correction.

At the end, we deliver a BIM (Building Information Modeling) project of that specific asset, thus the manager will have all the possible information from that, in a single place, organized and arranged by an online platform, providing an easy visualization, search and management of the asset.

The xd4solutions goal is to provide you, from our flights, your safe and proper solution!!

A Specialized Industrial Inspection Company that makes use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), founded by professional Helicopter Pilots, Xd4solutions brings to the global UAV market all the experience gained from more than a decade of aeronautical operations in the Onshore & Offshore field.

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