XD4SOLUTIONS has completed a confined inspection mission at Veracel, with the use of ELIOS drones, designed by our Swiss partner Flyability. 

Veracel is a Brazilian pulp company with integrated forestry, industrial and logistics operations in the southern region of Bahia. It is the result of a partnership between two leaders in the pulp and paper sector: the Brazilian Suzano and the Swedish-Finnish Stora Enso.

The company has an annual production capacity of 1.1 million tons of bleached eucalyptus pulp.


XD4 Team was requested to inspect the interior of a Cellulose Dryer column, containing 11 blowers. This mission took half a workday to accomplish. The objective was to determine the integrity of the blowers and the distance between fan and fan stack, validating our procedures, post processing skills and equipment inspection capabilities inside a narrow-confined space, with 11 ventilators. Our Team has used the drone ELIOS 2 and ELIOS 1 as redundancy.


After rechecking the Risk Assessment, confirmed by both XD4 and VERACEL Team, the flights started. The scope began with Elios 1 recognition flights, assuring operational safety for the team, the equipment, and the assets, mitigating every possible risk.

It was necessary to partially dismantle the external protection structure of the RPA, so that it could be inserted in the column through a very narrow entrance and reassemble it, once inside. This maneuver was developed as a quick and safe solution for situations like this.

After each flight, the team checked and confirmed the POIs (Points of Interest) reached, that were supposed to be inspected, regarding the scope. The Inspection Plan was redesigned according to the discoveries made during the operation, to optimize time, maintaining quality and safety. Our Operators and Inspector Engineer accomplished the mission following high safety procedures, collecting a large amount of Full HD and thermal images.


As a result, a Sample Technical Report, containing Full HD 4K and Image Measurements, as well as descriptions, locations, and recommendations, respective to the Blowers was created and provided to the client. All images and videos of interest were treated and shared within the reports.

Xd4solutions is improving the way that inspections are performed in the industries.

We are conducting high quality inspections in hazardous locations, beyond the line of sight, using the best technology for confined inspection areas, replacing manned intervention by a fraction of the cost, and reducing shutdown time.