Visual Inspection in The Mining Industry

– December 2nd, 2019 –

Solutions aimed at the management of industrial assets through the integration of non-intrusive technologies in the mining industry. 

The third infographic of this series is about the mining sector. Underground mines are irregular environments and at the same time they are dangerous for workers. Since it is an unstable environment, all the activities should be monitored with rigid security and reliable information. The drone ELIOS in these environments is mainly used after the excavation and the expansion of the mines to ensure that the place is safe enough and the ground will not collapse, for example. 

The new approach has advantages such as:  

  • Ease of read information of the surroundings that normally have not been inspected;
  • Business intelligence for better decision-making;
  • Greater productivity and economy of the company (the use of the drone to inspect the site, instead of using a million-dollar excavator, that can be lost in seconds);
  • Reducing workers exposure to the risks of burial, among others.  

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