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Proof of Concept

We put safety first in all our activities. Safety is paramount to both our people and our entire ecosystem.

Package Options

A variety of package options that cater to different inspection needs and scopes, including specific drones and accessories.


Providing advice on the best model for your needs, along with purchase or leasing options.​

Introductory Training

A basic course for new ELIOS drone users, covering basic operation, maintenance, and safety.

AIIM Training

Advanced Inspection Implementation Methodology training, focusing on advanced techniques to maximize the efficiency of ELIOS inspections.

Photogrammetry Training

Specialized training in capturing and analyzing images to create accurate measurements and 3D models from photographs taken with ELIOS drones.

Software Post Processing Training

Detailed instruction on how to use Flyability's "INSPECTOR" software for analysis and interpretation of data collected during inspections.


omprehensive technical support for ELIOS drone users, including maintenance, software updates, and troubleshooting.

Offshore Inspection Methodology

Specialized strategies for conducting drone inspections in offshore environments, addressing unique challenges such as strong winds and confined spaces.

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