Xd4solutions proposes innovative, safe and precise solutions through visual inspection with professional drones for the management of industrial assets.


Manage your assets through an online platform with all the necessary resources for quick and efficient decision making. Get a simpler view of the structures.


The methodology used by xd4solutions to acquire records is safe and accurate. There is no exposure of people to risky conditions, such as working in heights and confined environments.


The tools used by xd4solutions allow the customer to have information quickly, safely and accurately, without the need to use traditional equipment, such as cranes and scaffolding.

"The XD4Solutions team was committed and fully aware of the activities developed. The Drone inspection feature reduces costs in some activities, minimizes risks to workers and optimizes execution time!".

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Luciano Abdur - Eldorado Brasil Celulose

"XD4 professionals are motivated to understand the company's needs and relate our perspectives to the use of the equipment. The technology of drones presents an important analysis for the sector in which Cargill is inserted, especially in external analyzes of larger equipment that normally require complex accesses. It is possible to visualize quickly and offering zero risk to the performers".

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Matheus Barretos - Cargill

"The service went well beyond expectations, offering a unique opportunity for internal inspection of equipment where we previously did not inspect with such precision. XD4Solutions has shown itself to be very helpful in order to comply the proposed schedule in the best possible way and always complying with all quality and safety standards".

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Rogério Brandão - SAMARCO

"We were very satisfied with the quality of the service provided. The operators respected safety standards throughout the operation. The inspection solution using drones, was very efficient and met our needs mainly because it is a solution that reduces the exposure of people to confined space and work at heights. In addition, it is a faster and cheaper solution when compared to conventional inspection techniques".

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Christian Oortman - DOW CHEMICAL