Remote radiation detection and localization powered by Mirion Technologies.

Perform fast and accurate radiation surveying of indoor spaces without human exposure.

Get a clear picture of radiological conditions while keeping your workers out of harm’s way.

Identify, locate, and monitor radiological dose fields

Quickly deploy Elios 3 RAD from a convenient area to better understand radiological conditions.

Empower dose planning & decision-making

When planning interventions, estimate the total dose workers will be exposed to and identify hot spots to minimize human exposure.

Reach higher safety standards

Evaluate how much personnel dose exposure was avoided over time by leveraging Elios 3 RAD’s cumulative dose measurement.


Much more than a flying dosimeter, Elios 3 and the RAD payload form a powerful radiation surveying tool.

Always know where you are.aComprehensive in-flight radiation reading

Post-flight radiation reading, localization, and reporting

Powered by Mirion Technologies

Detachable and swappable sensor

Comprehensive in-flight radiation reading

Instant reading. No exposure.

Get an instant reading of current and cumulative dose rate along with max recorded value and measurement history to understand measurement trends and help you find high radiation sources.

Post-flight radiation reading, localization, and reporting

Locating and characterizing hot spots.

While in flight, all measurements captured by the sensor are recorded along with visual and mapping information. In post-processing, the drone’s trajectory is colorized based on the instant dose rate reading, allowing the user to precisely locate radiation sources1 on a 3D map of the asset.

1. The colorization of the drone’s trajectory is indicative and subject to over/under estimation because of the drone speed and convergence time of the sensor. For an accurate measurement, the drone must remain at a given location until the full convergence of the sensor. This procedure should be repeated for each point of interest.

Powered by Mirion Technologies

A versatile and future-proof inspection tool.

Critical applications like radiation surveying should not be left to uncertainties. To provide our clients with the most reliable information, we partnered with Mirion Technologies to develop the Elios 3 RAD payload. From µSv/h to Sv/h, we rely on the most reputable technology.

Detachable and swappable sensor

Compatible with your existing sensors.

Comply with sensors’ maintenance and calibration requirements without stopping your operations. Elios 3 is compatible with every RDS-32™ WR sensor you have1, so you can swap them as needed.

1. RDS-32 WR sensors used in conjunction with an Elios 3 should be properly configured according to the recommendations made by Flyability and local legal regulations. Not following this recommendation can impact the quality and reliability of the data captured.

A safe and healthy work environment for your staff is our number one priority.

Over 80% of US nuclear reactors are equipped with Flyability technology.

Up to 6-digit savings in a single flight achieved repeatedly.

Successfully tested up to 10,000 R/H with up to 4,000 R of cumulated dose.

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