Training Simulator

Hone your piloting skills with confidence

Train to efficiently operate Elios 3 for your confined spaces inspections with Flyability Training Simulator. A professional pilot training solution that recreates the flying experience inside industrial assets.

Embrace drone technologies as part of your work

This software tailored for industry professionals allows you to gain piloting skills without the potential risks and costs associated with real-life training.

Seamless connectivity

Run the Training Simulator easily on Elios 3 ground control station - with no extra hardware required.

On-demand training

Complete the learning courses when you are available and progress at your own pace.

Free of charge

This training solution as well as the constantly expanding library of training modules comes for free for any Elios 3 users.

Log in flight hours in realistic simulated conditions

All skills guided training

Designed for both new and veteran drone pilots, this software helps you learn the basics and expand your capabilities in flying the Elios 3.

Free flights

Gain piloting experience by exploring a variety of environments and acclimating to different flight conditions.

Share formatted reports

Get ready for the toughest operations by testing the limits of the drone attitude/behaviors in the most challenging conditions.

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